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  American Diabetes Association


Diabetes Webinar

   Highs and Lows of Blood Sugar:


 Guide to Routine Diabetes Tests and Meds:  





  American Lung Association- COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) &      Smoking Cessation

  National Heart Lung & Blood Institute -High Blood Pressurer, Asthma,COPD

  Patient Centered Medical Home



Primary Care Services

     All Physicians with Potomac Physicians P.A. practice Primary Care Medicine.  We are Internist, Family Practitioners and Pediatricians and are able to completely evaluate all patients to determine both their levels of Health and Wellness in addition to their illnesses.  We all work closely with our Community and Tertiary specialists and are able to refer quickly whenever required.  We believe in Preventive Care as well as helping to empower our patients to participate as much as possible in their Health Maintenance.


     All Potomac Physician locations are able to perform Spirometry measurements on our patients.  We can assess your Respiratory function to define the effects of illnesses like Asthma and Emphysema or your breathing.  We can also perform Spirometry looking for effects from Smoking on your Respiratory System.

Bone Density Measurement

     All Potomac Physicians locations are able to perform bone density measurements.  This test allows us to evaluate your bones looking for evidences of bone loss or  Osteoporosis.

ABI Measurement

     All Potomac Physician locations are able to perform Arterial Brachial Index measurements looking for evidence of poor circulation, also known as Peripheral Arterial Disease.  Patients with evidence of poor circulation may be a greater risk for problems with their heart and other major organs as well as with their extremities.



     All Potomac Physician locations are able to perform Tympanometry evaluations.  This allows us to evaluate the ear drum looking for problems behind it that could prevent normal vibration required for normal hearing as well as inflammation that may not be noticable when looking at the ear drum.  This is most commonly performed on children.


Hearing Screenings


     All Potomac Physicians locations provide Hearing Screening Services.  We are able to screen for evidence of normal hearing using equipment that creates tones at various levels of intensity associated with normal hearing.

Vision Screenings

     All Potomac Physicians locations provide Vision Screening Services.  We use a Snellen process that can identify possible refractory vision problems.

On-Site Lab Services

     All Potomac Physician locations have on-site laboratory services.  Employees from LabCorp, a national lab, are on site at our practice locations and draw blood on our patients for tests requested by our Physicians.  This provides an opportunity for our patients to have their blood draws at the time of their visits with their Primary Care Physician.


Pharmacy Services

     While all of our practices are conveniently located near a pharmacy, some

of our offices have Pharmacies located either within our practices or within the professional buildings where we operate our practices.  We understand the convienence of getting your prescriptions filled while avoiding additional stops prior to getting yourself or your children home.